we help ease the stress of finding a new home



Looking to buy a house or a condo or even a townhouse? Whatever
property you are buying, make sure you are equipped with the
knowledge and skill set to make the right decisions. After all, buying a
house or any other property isn't something you can undo so easily.
Buying a property involves much more than an everyday transaction.
Not only does it entail significant financial decisions, but also important
legal aspects.

Following is a fundamental guide to the 9 steps involved in buying
a property:

  1. Determine Borrowing Power [Contact a Lender]
  2. Find a property
  3. Decide on a Price to Offer
  4. Make an Offer
  5. Negotiations and Acceptance
  6. Attorney Review Period
  7. Inspection
  8. Appraisal​
  9. Closing

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